UBA’s REDTV premieres The Men’s Club

UBA REDTV TMC the mens club

The third season of TV drama The Men’s Club (TMC) is live on YouTube.

Powered by the United Bank for Africa (UBA) on its lifestyle and entertainment channel REDTV, the 13-episode series was premiered on Wednesday.

TMC, which has enjoyed a huge following since its first release in 2018, stars Ayoola Ayolola, Efa Iwara, Daniel Etim and Baaj Adebule.

The men go on an adventure filled with love, friendship, fear, betrayal and Romance.

Sola Sobowale, Shaffy Bello, Sharon Ooja, Mimi Chaka and Folu Storms are some of Nollywood’s finest actresses featured in the series.

REDTV executive producer Bola Atta, who spoke shortly before TMC3 came on screen, noted that although there had been a slight delay in production due to the lockdown occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, there were efforts taken to ensure that the delay was not prolonged.

“TMC is one of our major hit series brought from the REDTV stables and powered by the United Bank for Africa(UBA). We worked really hard to ensure we were bringing the best this season despite all the delays. The TMC fans have been so loyal and we needed to give them what they wanted.

“The Covid-19 lockdown meant that we had to halt production right in the middle and this caused quite a bit of stress for us. However, the minute the lockdown eased up, we put the very best measures in place for safety and security for cast and crew, limited the numbers and went back into production,” Mrs Atta said.

The executive producer emphasised UBA Group’s continued support for the creative industry, championed by its chairman Tony Elumelu, to ensure that more youth are gainfully employed and are presented with opportunities that showcase their talent, boosting economies across Africa.

Also speaking about TMC3, CEO Urban Vision and director of The Men’s Club Tola Odunsi expressed delight at the reception which the series has received over the years. He also praised UBA and REDTV for the continuous support towards ensuring that viewers are always provided with the best quality entertainment.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with UBA and REDTV to create top quality content and jobs. Working with UBA and REDTV has been amazing and with their support, more jobs continue to be created in the entertainment sector. 

“On TMC 3 production we were able to hire a lot of people in different capacities and that ultimately equates to impacting many families, many lives. All thanks to UBA’s support,” Odunsi said.