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Some eight years ago, I was captivated and glued to CNN because history was in the making. Yes, it was the American politics and Barack Obama was the rock star to watch. Ever since then I have taken a special interest in American politics.

However these days it seems like the American politics has turned into a circus act, a reality show, thanks to the chief comedian Donald Trump. Funny enough, I find myself sucked in by all the shenanigans of Donald Trump, just for entertainment value. But I keep wondering, what if by some freak luck or accident, Donald wins? What kinda President will Americans have? Hate him or like him, he is ruling the polls now, and my question is, for how long and why?

The American media don’t seem to respect him that much, but they are amused by his unguarded utterances and busy giving him the hype he loves. However, some Americans do like him quite a bit, which is why he’s leading in the polls. Me personally? I guess I just enjoy the comic relief he brings; a caricature of a caricature and a wilfully immodest billionaire.

Donald Trump is a gifted businessman who has used his talents to amass an incredible fortune. The issue I think most Americans have with Trump is that he’s used his success as a platform for self-aggrandisement and attention-seeking, and almost never in a particularly classy manner.  The Donald has always been first and foremost about making sure the world knows how great The Trump is, and the rest of Americans are just being taken along for the ride.

After the GOP debate on Wednesday night, I see the Republicans running into more problems. That gridlock will therefore not be resolved by a candidate who is himself so ideologically inconsistent. Nor will it be resolved by a candidate who, whatever else his faults, believes in strong and active leadership, namely his own. Donald Trump may just be a closet Democrat, Jeb Bush may be right on that, or he may be a late convert to many core Republican beliefs, as he himself asserts. But whatever party label he should properly carry, Donald Trump is the original Basket mouth. Small government and “The Donald” do not go together; and because they do not, a Trump presidency would likely intensify political divisions in Washington rather than transcend them. Double wahala for the Republicans this season. Now my take on The Trumpology phenomenon:

The reputation of America abroad can only be damaged by the American media current fixation on a candidate who trades yabis for substance. It is time for Americans to restore that reputation by demonstrating the ability of the political process to deflate the bubble of a candidate so high on self-importance and so low on policy-specifics.  I see Mr Trump as a childish spoilt rich kid in an adult’s body, so self-absorbed. Like some of our nonsensical governors, an egotistical person. His arrogance is legendary. He’s the personification of vainglory. His relentless self-promotion knows no bounds. He’s rich yet insecure and wants everyone to bow to his greatness, the type of guy who feels disrespected if everyone around him doesn’t kiss his ass. He’s the kind of guy who would be irritated if someone implied he had even slightly less money, power, or success than he tries to project.

Donald is definitely in for the show, the new Reality show. Maybe very soon, Republicans will have this to say. YOU ARE FIRED.