Toyin Abraham shares video of Nigerian women stranded in Saudi Arabia

Toyin Abraham

Actress and filmmaker Toyin Abraham has called out the Nigerian government to help evacuate citizens in Saudi Arabia.

In a video posted on Wednesday on Instagram, two Nigerian women are seen pleading with the government to help evacuate them out of Saudi Arabia as other countries have been doing the same for their citizens.

Toyin, 37, expressed sadness after she received the video, writing: “I got this video from some Nigerians in Saudi Arabia. It made me cry. I am so sad right now. Please Federal Government stand up for these people. how long will Nigerians continue to feel like we have no leader? Please evacuate our people. Nigerians should not be subject to suffering simply because we carry green passports. I am truly sad. So sad.”

The mother of one had recently won the hearts of many Nigerians after helping underprivileged Nigerians with palliative packages after the oubreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government has carried out several evacuations from Saudi Arabia.