Tolani Baj under fire over Twitter comment

Tolani Baj

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Tolani Baj has come under fire over her tweet.

The reality star on Tuesday said she finds it rude when a man walks through a door before a lady.

“I find it rude when a man walks through a door before a lady. Who raised you?” she wrote.

The post, however, offended some Nigerians who believed that there are more important issues affecting the country than worrying over which gender should walk through a door first, others accused her of chasing clout.

Below are some of the comments on Twitter.

“This one won talk to trend again… well subscribe to my YouTube channel Tolani you can always vent are welcome,” Annie Jones wrote.

“People lost their lives to bandits’ attack, Super Eagles aren’t going to Qatar, everyone’s pissed and Tolani is concerned about people walking through a fucking door. Who raised you?” Cryptic Critic tweeted.

“Where Nigerians đŸ‡³đŸ‡¬ are worried about insecurity, poor Healthcare, lack of good roads, schools, unemployment, economic hardship and many more, Tolani Baj is bothered about a man entering into a door before a woman. Walai, she no get an iota of sense,” Barca Principal wrote.

“Tolani we have more pressing issues in this country. Just getat abeg,” Queen Ozioma wrote.