TMS Harbour Race excites Lagos sailing fans

Lagos Yacht Club TMS Harbour Race

The Lagos Yacht Club held its Harbour Race competition on Sunday, November 24 at the Magazine Point, Marina Lagos.

Known as the TMS Harbour Race and sponsored by Technical Mechanical Service, a company that specialises in the supply of heavy-duty spare parts, the carnival-like race attracted top personalities from all spheres of life. 


Sailors participated from two classes – Hobbie and Mono Hull – with winners rewarded for their spirit of sportsmanship.

In Hobbie class, Elie Avy and Tunde Mustapha finished the race in two hours 10:53 minutes, Jay Smulders and Natacha Smulders recorded two hours 14:30 minutes, while Bradley Adam and Elena Costello finished in two hours 18:11 minutes to place first, second and third respectively.


In Mono Hull class, Julian Hardy and Laurens Kreuze finished in one hour 49:50 minutes to claim the first position ahead of Mike Barnes, and Olympic sailor who participated along with Lanre Mabawonku. They concluded the race in one hour 51:17 minutes to place second, while the trio of Will Grace, Zein Alzein and Eric Peute, who made it in one hour 52:54 minutes, were third.

According to managing director of TMS UK Limited, Rogerson John, the yacht racing is an avenue for people to come together, celebrate and combat the fear of the unknown whilst sailing.

“The aim is to explore different sectors and ensure togetherness whereby giving back to the society,” said Rogerson, who is also founder of TMS UK Limited.


Chairman TMS Nigeria, Cyril Ayemere, explained that the competition was conceived to encourage people to sail.

Ayemere stressed that the commitment of TMS to the harbour race was to unite people from different race and sectors to come together and overcome the fear of the unknown.

“Safety measures are put in place, while we ensure a good weather condition for a hitch-free sailing,” he stated.