Tinubu not for cash and carry economy – Dele Alake

Dele Alake

Director of strategic communication of the All Progressives Congress presidential campaign council Dele Alake has said that Bola Tinubu is the leader with vision, knowledge and courage that Nigeria needs at this time.

In an interview on Journalist Hangout, a TVC current affairs programme on Tuesday, Alake said Tinubu is interesting in an enduring legacy and not in “cash and carry economy”.

“Tinubu is not concerned about cash and carry or container economy. He is for something more enduring,” Alake said.

“There is no gainsaying the fact of all the candidates competing for votes to solve these problems, Tinubu stands far ahead of the competitors. In terms of track record of performance as a governor, in terms of leadership,  social engineering, mental development, Tinubu is an embodiment of all the leadership qualities for a country eager to develop.”

Alake listed some of Tinubu’s big signature ideas in Lagos such as the Lekki Free Trade Zone and the building of a new city, the Eko Atlantic City out of the Atlantic Ocean.

“Tinubu turned the Bar Beach around, saved it from ocean surge,” Alake recalled.

“While the then Federal Government was sand-filling the ocean, literally pouring sand worth billions of Naira into the ocean, Tinubu conceived a permanent and enduring solution. We travelled to South Africa, we went to the Netherlands. We found a solution that today led to the Atlantic City.”

Asked about the third force movement triggered by Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Alake said he could not deny the groundswell of frustration among Nigerian youths that led to the movement.

“This is the driving force of Obi’s popularity on social media. The feeling is natural. The pent-up anger is real. We all have opinions as Nigerians on how things should be or ought to be. This is what is being aggregated on social media. But social media will not determine the 2023 election.

“The population of the social media warriors will not necessarily translate into votes, especially among rural dwellers. Whoever is basing Obi’s popularity on social media, has missed it,” he said.