Timi Dakolo shares throwback wedding photos

Timi Dakolo and Busola Dakolo

Singer Timi Daokolo has left fans speechless with throwback wedding photos of himself and his wife Busola.

The 41-year-old posted the photos on Instagram on Friday as he called on his wife to reminisce with him.

He wrote: “Busola come and see something. Why did we pick this color? You can see, no be today I don love Nigeria. Like say NA glo sponsored the wedding. Chai, we even took offering.

“This agbada was heavy on me. See my papa, fresh man since 1900. That Yoruba lady Mc wanted to finish my money that day. A might king way. “

On their 10th wedding anniversary, Timi Dakolo said his wife calls him a local Ijaw man because he likes to eat garri and fisherman soup in the morning which according to her is improper.

“10 years..And she says I am a local Ijaw man because I like to eat garri and my Fisherman soup in the morning. She says it’s not proper and I asked who set these rules and why.

“The answer is always the same “it’s not proper”.It’s not proper to who NA? I always reply. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been 10 years and still no answer. You can’t separate an Ijaw man from his Fish,” he wrote.

Timi married Busola Dakolo in 2012.

They have three children.

Some of his songs include ‘Iyawo Mi’, ‘Medicine’, ‘I Never Know Say’ and ‘There’s a Cry’.