I didn’t hit her, she fell, Timaya reacts to hit-and-run allegation


Singer Timaya has reacted to the hit-and-run allegation made against him by a lady identified as Omowunmi Lawal.

In a short message shared on Twitter on Thursday, the singer said he does not have bad intentions towards anyone.

He said: “Me (sic) no get bad mind for nobody.”

In a video he uploaded on Instagram, the singer also denied hitting anyone and running away.

According to him the lady whose sister made the accusation fell down while trying to hold his side mirror.

He said: “When she stopped my vehicle. she was like I hit her, I said how, she said at the back, next thing I saw four guys running down so me (sic) trying to move away, bro na so the woman hold the side mirror of my car, so that’s how she fell. Not like I hit her.”

Timaya made the post after Omowunmi called him out on Instagram saying he hit her sister and ran away.

She wrote: “These celebrities and how they behave. Timaya nearly killed my sister this morning. He hit her with his car and run at Ikate few hours ago.

“He hit my sister’s car and she came down to ask him to look at what he did. This heartless human was asking for number and she told him he would block her. Instead of @timayatimaya to do the needful, he hit my sister with his car and ran away.

“She is at the hospital right now in serious pain and the funniest part is that I messaged him on Instagram to do the needful, but this wicked fellow blocked me after reading my message.”

Omowunmi also shared videos of her bleeding sister who was undergoing treatment. The victim was injured on the head and leg.