Three success principles that can re-shape that business

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KC Ejelonu QEDI was searching through articles that I could read to get a guideline on how to re-shape a business because I was recently asked by a friend to help revamp his business. I needed to go through that theory aspect before getting down to work. And I found this article from Ali Brown that hits home and it can help you if you really want to re-shape your life. Enjoy

1. You are the average of the five PEOPLE you hang around the most

When I first heard this quote from Jim, it struck a big nerve in me. Robert Allen says something similar, that your bank account balance is typically the average of the five people you hang around the most. (Yikes!) I realised I needed to surround myself with people whom I wanted to be like. I still love my old friends, but I make a specific effort to be around people who take risks, think big, and talk about great ideas instead of the latest celebrity gossip, the price of gas, or how much they hate their clients.

What first opened up my circle of influence was attending seminars. I continually go to seminars on marketing, business, and personal development. There are so many great seminars going on every month all around the country, at all price points. You have no excuse not to get out there and meet people who are playing big!

2. Your HABITS create your future (and your fortune).

Brian Tracy talks a lot about this. Your daily habits create your long-term results. Your habits today will determine your outcomes tomorrow. If you want to be a millionaire, you’ve got to have millionaire habits. If you want to be a great leader, you must have the habits of a great leader. If you want to get in shape, you’ve got to have the habits of a fit person.

What new habit can YOU put into place right away?

I wanted to put into place a millionaire habit. Because I detest budgets (and enjoy spending), I needed an easy way to save money. So now I have a set percentage of my inflow automatically go into a savings account that I don’t touch.

And because I enjoy looking and feeling great, I made the habit many years ago to exercise at least five days a week. To kick this into gear, I hired a trainer, which forced me to make the habit happen. It was a struggle at first, but now I feel off-balance if I don’t work out regularly.

3. Make sure your ENVIRONMENT supports you in playing big.

A few years ago I had the chance to hear a dynamic woman named Artemis Limpert speak at an event in Dallas. In her talk, she pointed out that when you have a pet fish that’s sick, you treat the water — NOT the fish.

Your success depends more on your environment than you know, but it’s extremely important that you give yourself an environment that supports you at the level you want to BE at. (Note that I did NOT say the level you are at now!) There are generally three areas of your environment you should pay close attention to:

First, your physical environment. Do you love your office? Do you have enough space to work and plan? Are you surrounded by attractive things? Do you have a nice view or at least a beautiful piece of art to look at? I paid a pretty penny for my beach pad, but I can’t tell you how inspiring it is every day to look out at the peaceful ocean, sailboats, blue sky, and the sand. It fuels me. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your environment. Little touches like candles, flowers, music you love, and photos of friends and family can go a long way. (Even if your office is the kitchen table!)

Second, your emotional environment. Are you getting the support you need from your family and friends? It’s up to YOU to ask for what you need. If they cannot provide it, find a coach, a mastermind or a support group. I find it wonderful to have a mastermind group for support. I can bounce ideas off them, ask for help with problem solving, share my victories, and sometimes-just vent!

Third, your intellectual environment. Jim Rohn says, “Are you feeding your brain protein every day, or are you just giving it candy?” Most Americans sustain their brains solely on candy – that is, useless television shows, news, and gossip. Are you stimulating yourself with big ideas and new learning? Again, check out a seminar, take a teleclass, or buy some books or audio programs.