Three girlfriends confront cheating boyfriend together at airport

cheating boyfriendA cheating boyfriend got his comeuppance when he touched down in the UK following a holiday – and walked straight into his three girlfriends.

Charlie Fisher, 20, had barely set foot on English soil at Luton Airport when he heard someone shouting ‘liar, liar’ – and saw the three girls he had been seeing behind each other’s backs marching towards him.

Becky Connery, 17, said she planned the (not so) welcome party after finding out her love rat boyfriend had been texting a girl behind her back.

“He came out and froze,” she told The Sun.

“We started calling him a cheat and a liar really loudly. He didn’t have anything to say.”

After seeing the message, Becky got in touch with the 20-year-old girl – who does not want to be identified – and together, the pair found a third girl through Facebook, Lizzie Leeland-Cunningham.

“I just wanted to see his face when all three of us were in the same place,2 Lizzie, 19, told The Sun.

Becky later said that after confronting her cheating ex, he “ran to his nana”.

Social media was full of praise of the trio, with one user calling it ‘legendary’.

Becky was forced to defend her actions, with some Twitter users telling her the only thing she’d achieved was embarrassing herself.


“It’s not the 16th century anymore, the age of men being superior to women, that is why I think he deserved to be exposed,” wrote Becky on Twitter.