Three Chinese factory workers burnt to death in Lagos


The bodies of three Chinese factory workers who were burnt to death have been discovered in Lagos, South China Morning Post reports.

Police have also been said to be investigating the murder which was said to have occurred on December 15.

The Chinese victims were employees at a furniture factory in Lagos owned by a Chinese businessman.

The three people went missing after dinner and their bodies were found the next day, the factory owner surnamed He told the official radio station of Zhejiang province, according to South China Morning Post.

Two of the victims, surnamed Zhang and Hong, were natives of Zhejiang province while the third named Sun was from Shandong.

South China Morning Post adds that the Chinese consulate-general said on Saturday that the circumstances of the case were “complicated” without providing further elaboration.

“It took [local police] hours to find them, their bodies were badly burned. The way they were treated was extremely cruel,” the factory owner was said to have told the radio station.

Chinese diplomats have urged the Nigerian police to step up the investigation, according to the consulate-general’s statement.

China has close political and trade ties with Nigeria, with roughly one-third of its foreign direct investment coming from China in 2016.

There are about 40,000 to 50,000 Chinese people in Nigeria, mostly Chinese workers and businessmen as well as people of Chinese descent, according to Chinese ambassador to Nigeria Zhou Pingjian.

Lagos police spokesperson Chike Oti was yet to respond to a message sent by about the incident as at time of publication.