The male in crisis

By Layiwola Olatunji

Today’s male is in crisis. He’s in an identity crisis. Social and cultural changes have re-defined the way today’s man sees himself. Gone is the comfort of the old definition of manhood which was based on roles. Roles are constantly changing and this has left the 21st century male confused about his identity.

From LayiQuestions:

  1. How do we measure a man?
  2. What is true manhood?
  3. How do you define masculinity?
  4. What is true male sexuality?
  5. Is there a universal definition of manhood?
  6. Can it be attained?
  7. Where do we go to get this definition?

The male of this cyber-technical, Internet- driven, postmodern world is caught in a worldwide web of confusion – Myles Munroe


Take a look around:

The billboard which shows a freshly drained glass of Gulder Max with the caption “A man was here”

The Malboro man looking aloof as he enjoys a cigarette after single handedly reigning in a herd of wild mustang

Hollywood with its James Bonds, Rambos and Vin Diesels.

We are taught as children that it is manly to play football, unmanly to cry.

The liberated man

Men’s liberation is the resolute, unabashed freedom from society’s false standards of masculinity to a more relaxed confident manhood. It is based on the simple fact that you don’t have to prove your manhood – you are a man!

Don’t dilute yourself for any person or any reason. You are enough! Be unapologetically you! – Steve Maraboli

Benefits of being a liberated man:

  • Freedom to express love, gentleness and kindness
  • Freedom to slow down and relax
  • Freedom to value your wife and family as more important than your job
  • Freedom to show emotion – even cry – if you need to
  • Freedom to take time to be healthy
  • Freedom to better fulfill your wife emotionally and sexually
  • Freedom to give more attention to your priorities in life
  • Freedom to enjoy life to the maximum
  • Freedom to say “no” to the activities which have been draining your time and energy
  • Freedom to possess your money wisely without being possessed by it
  • Freedom to pursue a different brand of success

In the weeks that follow we shall explore and explode a few myths about manhood.