The gangster and lover

Wilson Orhiunu

First Gentleman with Wilson Orhiunu

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The gangster and his horned love

Spread beef from west to east

They stroll in ancient strides

They are both beauties and both beasts


Born a pretty golden calf

Her leather to the gangster is silk

Now a full grown dame on all fours

She flashes many breasts for sweet milk


Gangster loves his lady’s slim tail

Fell in love on an animal farm

As they roam the fine country

They spread jungle laws and evil harm


Moonlight walks singing sweetly

They stop for a bite at the local plantation

Eat up drink up and shoot up the locals

Pack the guns and leave the commotion


Cowboy movies come to life

We enjoyed those bygone Spaghetti Westerns

But what we now have cuts like a knife

Vicious Tuwo Shinkafa Northerners


The lady and her gangster

Daily in search of dinner

She wears her ugly perfume

He straps what makes him the killer


They tip the waiters well

Stomach full of bullets; tipped into a grave

The Police all flee the crime scene

The army did not hear so cannot save


Next comes the funeral processions

Black fabrics and swaying leaves

Halleluyah Joy we shall meet on that day

Then we pray, all on their knees


Why love what seems to kill us

For after murders by cows and their lovers

The beef has no enemies

We serve beef to all the mourners


Most gangsters guard their wares

With guns that cost much less

But here the case is different

Makes no sense but buy AKs nevertheless


The gangster knows you are all addicted

You will buy no matter the human cost

Beef on a pedestal higher than humanity

Shaki ponmo just buy and ignore the mini-holocaust


The gangster is a pimp

He sells his lover at the right price

Then goes to recruit another herd

For meat goes well with Jollof rice

  • Dr Wilson Orhiunu, 16/01/2018