Tega’s husband is biggest ‘mumu’ on earth – Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson

Nigerian reggae singer Daniel Wilson has described Krislawrence Ajeboh, husband of recently evicted Big Brother Naija housemate Tega Dominic as the biggest “most mumu man on earth”.

The entertainer-turned businessman made the statement in a Facebook post on Wednesday, after the reality TV star reunited with her husband.

Mumu is a Nigerian slang meaning “fool”.

Tega, a mother of one, openly flirted with fellow housemate Boma Akpore in the Big Brother House.

The two kissed and fondled each other a number of times before they were both evicted on Sunday, September 5.

Upon her eviction from the house, Tega admitted she went too far on the show and tearfully apologised to her husband.

The couple were reunited during the week, prompting some fans to hail Tega’s husband as an understanding and forgiving man in spite of his wife’s romp with another man on TV.

Daniel Wilson, however, sees things differently, saying he is not sure Ajeboh was really married to Tega.

“Ajeboh Krislawrence, the husband of recently evicted Big Brother Naija contestant, Tega, is the most  MUMU MAN on earth!

“I read that some of you are hailing him as the most mature man on earth as he hugs Tega despite her market square romp with Boma, nonsense! Mature Man My Foot!!!

“Please save the sensibilities of our real male kids from such perversion. Am not sure he truly married her sef!” the singer popularly known as Mr. Ragamuffin wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Tega has claimed in interviews granted after reuniting with her husband that what she did with Boma was scripted.

According to her, the two did not explore each other’s private parts.