TB Joshua’s disciples: Where are they now?

TB Joshua and disciples
Photo Credit: openDemocracy

The late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet TB Joshua, had several persons who worked closely with him while he was alive.

At some point, he had five men he called wise men. They are Racine Bousso, John Chi, Christopher Orji, Charalampos Tsakonidis aka Harry, and Daniel Emelandu. Joshua also has disciples like Hyeok Park aka Brother Hyeok in South Korea and Rikhard Hartikainen in the United States. These men now control their own ministries, resources and followers.

Some others like Prophetesses Yinka and Anne, Christopher Tonge, Frank Harvey Logan and Justin Reese also enjoy huge followership offline and online since carving their niches following Joshua’s death on June 5, 2021.

While many of Joshua’s disciples have been building ministries that trade on his public image, none has replicated his legacy in scale and structure as thoroughly as John Chi – a Cameroonian national who left SCOAN in 2013.

Both the physical exterior and interior of his Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry in Cameroon, resemble the mother church in Lagos. So do Chi’s sermons and live-streamed services.

Like SCOAN, Chi’s ministry has incorporated multiple British entities with Companies House, the UK government’s official company register.

Racine, a Senegalese who is based in the UK with his British wife Ruth nee Tonge, operates what is known as the University of God (UOG). They run the ministry largely online. The couple left SCOAN and got married after Joshua’s death.

Christopher Tonge aka Brother Chris, like his sister Ruth, lived as Joshua’s disciple in Nigeria for 17 years. After Joshua’s death, Chris founded a ministry in Wales known as God’s Heart TV. In just two years, his operation has eclipsed Chi’s church in terms of digital reach.

God’s Heart TV offers “interactive prayer” and deliverance from “demonic influences” over Zoom.

In northern Greece, Wiseman Harry started SCOAN Thessalonica after spending 10 years at the Lagos megachurch.

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In August 2022, the Greek government arrested Harry, who was born on November 21, 1984, for allegedly operating the church without a license. He was later released.

Prophetesses Yinka and Anne have maintained close relationship since they departed from SCOAN and have both founded ministries. Through social media, they reach people across the world. Yinka runs God’s Own Grace Mission, Anne, on the other hand, is the convener of Love Without Ceasing Outreach Ministries. Both of them organise and partake in programmes across the world but do not have physical worship centres. They have since adopted Bishop Abraham Simama of Malawi as their spiritual father but maintain that they are disciples of Joshua.

Christopher Orji, formerly Wiseman Chris, runs The City of Jesus International Ministry (COJIM) in Enugu. The cleric started his ministry before Joshua’s death.

Daniel Emelandu, also known as Wiseman Daniel, is the founder of Everlasting Light of Hope International Ministry (ELOHIM). The 50-year-old’s church operates in an open field with canopies as covering.

Shortly after Joshua’s death, Frank Harvey Logan, an American, married Nigerian Folashade and together they founded Faith, Hope and Love Ministries in Tampa, Florida, United States.

Logan and Folashade first met in 2011 under Joshua as evangelists in training. While Logan may not be popular yet on social media, attendance at his physical worship centre continues to grow.