Taxify suspends driver for sexually assaulting female passenger


A driver who allegedly confessed to having sexually assaulted a drunken passenger has been pulled off the road by e-hailing taxi app, Taxify.

Taxify made their intervention known after a Twitter user, Oreoluwa Fakorede, shared the confession of a Taxify driver.

“A Taxify driver just confidently told me that he picked up an inebriated passenger and molested her sexually while she was under the influence,” he wrote, adding that there was no proof of the incident happening.

Taxify responded by asking for more details about the incident.

Fakorede later revealed that he gave Taxify all the information he has about the case.

“They’ve acted very sensibly by first pulling the driver off the road, then going ahead with a proper investigation. No one is playing with this, as it should be,” he added.

Nollywood actress, Dorcas Fapson, accused a Taxify driver of attempting to abduct her on Lagos Island in January.

She claimed she pepper-sprayed him to avoid being sexually molested.

The driver, however, denied the allegation, saying instead that the actress acted violently towards him.