Taiwo Omotunde preaches juju revival at album listening session

Singer-songwriter, producer and band leader, Taiwo Omotunde, has vowed to ensure juju music regains its foothold once again in Nigeria.

Addressing at an album listening session in Ikeja, Lagos on Wednesday, Omotunde whose Dancing Arena (Agbo Ijo)/Keresimesi De (Christmas is Here) is out on Thursday, November 12, pointed out that the genre cannot be written off the Nigerian music scene.

“In Nigeria, juju has become our traditional music. Juju has been stabilised and crystallised as our own kind of music. It will be very sad if juju becomes extinct. Other genres of music will come and go because they are not ours.

“Nigerians in the Diaspora are many. Those people cannot be lost in foreign culture; we have to take our music to them”.

“We have to use that our talent and natural tune, skill and notes to draw them over here so they can feel our kind of music,” he said.

The ex-banker told his audience that his mission is “re-orientate the populace on the need to accept juju music through the kind of music I release on regular basis.”

While admitting that music has evolved over the years, the 49-year-old pointed out that “the truth is no amount of westernisation can change the core of an African man.”

Talking about the place of indigenous music in Nigeria today, the Ekiti native revealed that modern music is now being infused with indigenous music.

Hear him: “Modern artistes are now employing proverbs in their music. We see Yoruba language being coined into the lyrics. Before, when you want to sing like westerners you only do that with the English language.”

Also speaking at the parley, music publicist and promoter, Prince Adeniyi Sobaloju, affirmed his belief in Omotunde as an artiste with the ability to make great music. He however lamented that the musician has not been given adequate recognition by the media and people in general.

“I had the opportunity to listen to Taiwo and believe me, his music is what I will call great. As someone who is in the business of scouting talents I can honestly describe his tune as one of a kind.”

Also present at the press conference were publisher of E247, Mr Biodun Kupoluyi; publisher of News of the People, Loye Amzat; juju musician, Tunde Samson, and marketing/hospitality investor, Mr Akin Adeoya.

Others were Tosin Ajirire of The Sun, Terh Agbedeh of TheNiche on Sunday and Samuel Olatunji of iCampus.

With a career spanning two decades and over 13 albums under his belt, Omotunde assures that his new album will meet the yearning of all lovers of contemporary indigenous music.

“I try to release songs with a message that cuts across different sections of the public from the youths to the aged ones. I have also initiated plans to ensure my music is readily available for the digitally-oriented ones via the different platforms available,” he concluded.