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Lagos probes death of three-year-old boy after injections for cough

Lagos State Government has opened investigation into the death of a three-year-old boy, David Nwogu, while being treated at the Maternal and Child Hospital...

Man coughs to death in Akure while waiting for taxi

Police have confirmed that a middle-age man coughed to death in Akure, Ondo State capital on Thursday while waiting for a taxi. Ondo Police Command...

10 amazing health benefits of eucalyptus oil

The rains are still here and one of the often-overlooked tips for dealing with the cold associated with the season is eucalyptus oil. Originally native...

Physician cautions pregnant women against chickenpox infection

A medical officer at the General Hospital Ughelli, Delta, Dr Ovo Samiel, says women who are exposed to chickenpox during pregnancy may bear children...

Muhammad Ali’s body arrives hometown as funeral rites begin

Muhammad Ali's body has arrived in his hometown of Louisville where he'll be laid to rest as the city grieves the loss of its...

Eight amazing health benefits of honey

Apart from being one of the oldest sweeteners on earth, the honey comes with a lot of health benefits. Below are eight of them. Relieves cough It...