Stop the madness, 2face tells Annie Idibia, others

2face Idibia and Annie idibia

Singer 2face Idibia has called on his family members to stop escalating his marital crisis, describing what is going on as madness.

The 45-year-old made the call in an Instagram post on Wednesday a week after his wife Annie Idibia accused him of spending time with Pero Adeniyi, mother of three of his seven children.

Annie has two daughters for 2face while Sumbo Adeoye (nee Ajaba) has two boys for the singer.

In a now-deleted post, Annie said her husband was still seeing Ms. Adeniyi who is based in the United States of America.

The actress also said 2face’s family does not like her and his baby mamas use his children “as an excuse for all sorts of rubbish.”

Responding, 2face’s brother Charles Idibia called Annie an addict and her mother a witch.

Annie’s brother Sylvester Macaulay, who had earlier disowned the actress, responded with a 24-hour ultimatum for Charles to apologise to his mum.

As the crisis deepened, a voice recording of Annie threatening to ruin everything was leaked on the internet on Wednesday.

“I am going to scatter everything; nobody knows the wrath of an angry woman. I will ruin everything. Hello Idibia Family, this is Annie. I was with my husband today, peaceful, nothing happened then my husband told me he has a shoot today, only for him to pack his things and his cousin, Frankie, helped him plan it.

“His family does not love me, they hate me, they’ve been giving me hell for 10 years. Today, my husband packed his things, he lied to me that he was going to shoot but my husband is on his way to America.

“Innocent is on his way to America without telling me, without telling me, he is going to see Pero in America and his other kids. Don’t move this car, park this car, I am going right now on Instagram live, I’m done, I am done,” she said.

With things spiraling out of control, 2face was forced to release a statement on Instagram that reads “I admit that bringing our personal issues on social media was not cool but I will not sit back and watch everyone have a free for all battle here in the name of love or solidarity.

“None of us is perfect. I will like to urge our families and supporters to stop the madness and the public to please respect our privacy and our kids. Let us deal with our issues internally. I take God beg una.”

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