Stop sending me Facebook romance messages, Modupe Ozolua warns

Body enhancement entrepreneur, Modupe Ozolua, has sent a clear message to men sending romance messages to her Facebook inbox.

“Listen, just because you have access to Facebook does NOT give you the audacity to send me stupid inbox messages,” the 43-year-old wrote late Thursday night.

Ms Ozolua, who pioneered cosmetic surgery in Nigeria, has been the object of fantasy of many men for the better part of two decades.

Ever since she appeared on the Nigerian beauty scene as a 27-year-old with a pair of breasts to die for, the mother of one has not stopped attracting attention everywhere she goes.

With the social media offering easier access to her, she obviously came to her wits end with online stalkers, prompting her to write, “STOP in-boxing me every second! There is nothing wrong with saying hello but don’t expect a reply because I DON’T KNOW YOU…AND don’t dare cop an attitude when I don’t reply by sending me more messages!”

For those thinking she is a softie, she warned, “Don’t be deceived, I go from 0 to 1,000 REAL QUICK!!!

“Meaning, I know how to BLOCK and I do…happily! I didn’t ask you to inbox me. We don’t have to communicate beyond “liking” people’s posts.

“If you can’t respect yourself, stay off my page and inbox.

“This is no damn wanna-be-Facebook-romance brewing!

“Consider yourself warned!”

Ozolua, a Benin princess is definitely not new to men.

She got married at 21, had her son at 22 and was divorced by 23.

The woman who told The Nation in an interview last year that “I am a very simple, down-to-earth and fun loving person” single-handedly raised her son, Seun, now 21 and studying in a university abroad.

Regarding marriage, she told the newspaper, “I will do that again when I meet the man who is confident enough to know that my accomplishments shouldn’t intimidate him to feel less of the man he should be. Until then, I am happily single and enjoying every day’s glorious experience.”