Sterling honoured with award for fighting racism

English footballer, Raheem Sterling, has been awarded the integrity and impact award at the 2019 BT Sport Industry Awards for speaking out against racism.

The 24-year-old was handed the award by national team manager, Gareth Southgate.

Speaking at the event, Sterling said: “When the next generation comes through, you have to set the example.

“Coming through at Liverpool I had people around me like Steven Gerrard I looked up to. Looking at him I thought what can I do within myself to be half the person and player he was.

“You take little things and each year, try and develop not just on the field but off it.”

Sterling had signed a manifesto earlier this week where he said clubs should be handed automatic nine-point deductions and ordered to play three games behind closed doors if their supporters indulged in racist behaviour.

At various points in the current season, he has been at the forefront of the anti-racism struggle, the footballer was the recipient of alleged racist abuse in City’s trip to Chelsea earlier this season.

He used the incident as an opportunity to highlight the difference in the media’s coverage of young black and white footballers.

Sterling recently wrote a letter to a City fan who had received racist abuse telling him to ‘stand tall, don’t let them take away your courage.’