Stephanie Coker under fire over statement about women raised in Nigeria

Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun

Media personality and actress Stephanie Coker has come under fire over her statement about women born and raised in Nigeria.

In a recent episode of the Me, Her and Everything Else podcast, Stephanie Coker said she finds it difficult to befriend women who grew up in Nigeria because of their mindset.

She said “I find it hard to make friends with women that have grown up and spent their whole life in Nigeria just because I feel like their mindset is very different. And sometimes I feel people take it that you’re trying to do snobbish or something but no and I’ll give you a very good example.

“When you are out and maybe you’re on a table, If a girl that not from abroad, never left Nigeria comes to the table she would greet all the guys and not greet the woman and I’m always like ‘why? What is your problem? I was here first you should at least say hi, how are you?’ But they just sit and act like they can’t see you.”

The statement generated reactions on Twitter with many accusing her of being ‘condescending’ while others questioned her sanity.

Read some of the reactions below.

Although born in Lagos, Stephanie moved to North London at the age of one. She attended St Mary’s Church of England Primary school in North London.

She later graduated from Brunel University with a degree in Media and Communications.