SSS arrests social media users for posting ‘inciting materials’


The State Security Service (SSS) says it has arrested several social media users for posting inciting materials on the internet.

The department said in a statement on Wednesday by its spokesman, Peter Afunanya, that several ‘unpatriotic’ Nigerians have been using social media platforms to make “unguarded public statements and/or use the social media platforms to instill fear in the minds of citizens”.

Mr Afunanya said that “these are reflected in the misleading statements and articles being circulated among unsuspecting members of the public. Such inciting materials oftentimes are designed to make or convey false accusations by one group against the other.”

The statement said “they also resort to skewing historical narratives to suit their objective of masterminding ethnic violence in the nation. So far, some of the culprits have been arrested.”

The SSS said it would continue its clampdown on “tribal chauvinists and mischief makers” to ensure that they do not “continue to exploit socio-political differences and internet platforms to threaten the peace and stability of the country.”

Afunanya said the names of the arrested persons would be released soon.

The department also advised regional and community elders to stay away from “unguarded statements”.