Spring 2015 trend alert

By: Laviniah Karanja, Fashion blogger and Face of Kenya UK 2014

Laviniah KarajaWith each impending new season the focus turns to the runways and the array of beautifully crafted pieces from fashion houses on the catwalks to provide much needed indication of new trends. Fashion has a unique ability to transform and translate between past trends and new to create a fusion of mixed influences and trends. These trends lend a hand from the past and present motifs ushering new fads of the familiar and the fresh.

As we begin to hear the soft bellows of the new season, yielding to new beginnings and fresh buds blooming of spring, trends forecast for Spring/Summer 2015 will begin to take shape.

If we cast our minds back to Spring/Summer 2014 trends quickly, pretty pastels and soft springtime shades r

eigned throughout the collections. While the midi skirt key transition piece, the ladylike hem of the tea-length skirt (between midi and maxi) became the anthem for skirt length paired with a crop top to offset the length.

So what does this year’s spring season have in store for us fashionable and greatly inquisitive minds and/or trend conscious?  Look no further, this season trends will prove to be nothing short of colourful, daring and a point of intrigue. But remember every trend is adaptable to your own personal style and interpretation. The beauty of fashion is being inspired or evoked and making it your own to create your own palette.

’70s patchwork

54aa97299fbb5_-_elle-19-spring-2015-trends-patchwork-xln-elhSpring season is bringing on a full scale ‘70s revival and with it a resurgence of Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Saharienne-fashionable version of a safari top in the form of laced up dresses, shoulder details and corsets. The obsession continues with the patchwork of muted toned blended with pops of colour

Khaki safe

54aa96f4d5cac_-_elle-01-spring-2015-trends-khaki-xln-elhMaking another comeback this spring is the new neutral of khaki. Think safari revamped, Ralph Lauren gave khaki an evening update while Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors maintained the traditional khaki representation.

Similarly inspirations drawn from military uniforms have been updated to everyday wear, comprising of oversized jackets from J.Crew’s collection and Marc Jacob’s attires.

Dare to sheer

54aa96f7d2178_-_elle-02-spring-2015-trends-sheer-white-skirts-xln-elhIf you dare to sheer to be precise, this season white skirts are sheer, light and transparent. If you are feeling bold do pair with high-waisted pants. Alternatively, sheer skirts can be paired with pencil skirts, albeit with moderate transparency.

Shine bright

Metallic wear has been popular in season since 2014 and shows no sign of stopping as designers still favour the bright and bold.  This season is none other than gold as it seems all that glitters is really gold

Layering waist cincher

54aa9700ebf17_-_elle-05-spring-2015-trends-cinched-waist-xln-elhRemember 2014’s 90’s uber trendy look tying a shirt or leather jacket around your waist, designers caught onto this styling trick and the appearance of a slim waist. This new trend provides both layering and waist cinching in a garment

Knee highs

54aa970729877_-_elle-07-spring-2015-trends-high-sandals-xln-elhWhat was only considered knee high socks, tights and boots, now knee high lace up sandals can be added to that list. Knee high lace ups scale from thigh highs to more muted flats, however wearing these might prove tricky. Do allow yourself time to put them on.


Although the 70’s will headline this season, the 90’s sentiments are on-going as the nostalgia continues with the neckline. What can only come to mind is 90’s films such as She’s all That and 10 Things I Hate About You. Dresses enamoured with the 90’s neckline have made a re-entry in fashion

Polo sport

The classic polo shirt has quickly made its way to the forefront of the sports luxe trend this spring. With showcases from Alexander Wang to Proenza Schouler, a polo shirt has never looked so alluring

Bermuda circle

54aa9712dd60d_-_elle-11-spring-2015-trends-bermuda-shorts-xln-elhAndrogynous style and designs continue in the new adaptation of the typically male Bermuda shorts for women.  Add accents of feminine chic with strappy sandals and an oversize clutch.

Stripes aligned

54aa97187a89e_-_elle-13-spring-2015-trends-stripes-xln-elhA known spring staple with focus on vertical stripes deemed the new print of the season. Go crazy with vertical stripes

Polka dot

54aa9723dfd0a_-_elle-17-spring-2015-trends-polka-dot-xln-elhPolka dots will be un-missable in these larger than life prints, the verdict is we love it, the bigger the better


3-gingham-w724While the past sullen and colder season was decorated by plaid print everywhere, this spring is all about the tiny checks of Gingham print. If you are a fan of print or plaid, you will transition easily into new season with the print of the moment, gingham

Kimono inspired

54aa971e5663a_-_elle-15-spring-2015-trends-obi-xln-elhKimonos were hugely popular in summer ’14 and we will see a continuation of Asian influences adopted seamlessly as it has with the Kimono style trench coat. Comfortable, stylish and a mix between a coat, a robe and a kimono. Where can we buy one now?


54aa97351e59c_-_elle-23-spring-2015-trends-crochet-xln-elhDipping into home crafts, the incredibly intricate and delicate detail of crochet has won much appreciation on the runway and will be making waves this spring

All-white affair

Frame-Denim-Spring-2015-w724 (1) (1)The picture of bliss in all white head to toe, this enviable trend receives a new lease of life in new styling tricks by mixing textures and layering multiple pieces.

Layer much

15-fancy-apron-w724Speaking of layering, this may not be for the faint hearted, the new layering comprises of wearing a skirt over a shirt dress for a funky look

Any thoughts? What are you likely to wear, on the reverse what will not be wearing? Any hits and misses with the upcoming trends?