I miss Sound Sultan’s gap-toothed smile, widow says on 45th posthumous birthday

Farida Fasasi, widow of late singer Sound Sultan, on Saturday celebrated her husband on his posthumous birthday.

The mother of three penned down an emotional message to him in an Instagram post.

In the message, Fasasi said she misses her husband, his smile and his jokes.

“Olanrewaju Fasasi “Oko Farida”… I miss your cheeky gap-toothed smile…I miss your jokes…I miss waking up to guitar strings…Even more, I miss our inside jokes…

“It’s your birthday today. I’ll forever celebrate all that you’ve been to me. I love you, forever and always .lnna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajiun,” she wrote.

Celebrities and fans wished Sound Sultan a happy birthday, they also prayed for him and the family he left behind.

Farida Fasasi recently shared a photo of him on Instagram, asking for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy on the deceased.

“O Allah, surely [Olanrewaju fasasi ] is under Your protection, and in the rope of Your security, so save him from the trial of the grave and from the punishment of the Fire. You fulfil promises and grant rights, so forgive him and have mercy on him. Surely You are Most Forgiving, Most Merciful,” she wrote.

Sound Sultan died of throat cancer on July 11, 2021.

He would have been 45 today.