Soludo, Peter Obi are still brothers — CPS

Charles Soludo

Anambra State Governor Charles Soludo’s press secretary Christian Aburime has said there is no rift between Soludo and a former governor of the state and now presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

”The alleged rift between my principal and Obi is a figment of people’s imagination. They are brothers who may share different political opinions,” Aburime told reporters on Wednesday.

”Soludo’s relationship, friendship and brotherhood with Obi is still intact, as against what many people think. I don’t know how how people created and magnified a non-existent issue, and how they are reacting Governor’s comment

“As far as I know, there is no issue between Gov. Soludo and Obi. So I wonder why people disturb themselves and go about shouting in the media, over-reacting and issuing one threat or the other over a non-existent issue they created.

“These are totally uncalled for and the people indulging in such should have a rethink.”

Mr Aburime said that the Soludo-led government remained focused on delivering the dividends of democracy to people of Anambra and would not be distracted by any form of verbal attack, threat or sponsored charade.

The aide said that Soludo would not retract his statement about Obi. “He has no regrets about what he said, because he has actually expressed his own opinion which is his constitutional rights,” he said.

Aburime urged the youths who are threatening to dump heaps of refuse around the government house to desist from doing that.

”The youth should refrain from being used as weapons of distabilisation instead of being part of the solution to the challenges facing the state.

”The youths are both the leaders of today and tomorrow. I wonder why they would allow themselves to be used by some individuals.

“Instead of threatening to dump refuse at the Government House, they should rally support for the government of Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, because his administration is actually working for the betterment of their lives.

“The governor wants to see that the youth of this present generation and the generation to come will have something that can make life more meaningful for them.

“Aside giving the youths various key positions in his administration, Soludo’s government is also currently training and empowering thousands of youths across the state in different vocational skills; youth empowerment is a major focus of his administration So, I advice the youth to think twice,” he said.