Skit maker Sabinus acquires another Mercedes Benz one month after ghastly accident


Skit maker Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, popularly known as Sabinus, has acquired another Mercedes Benz one month after he crashed his old car in a ghastly accident.

A video of Sabinus and the white-coloured Benz was uploaded on Instagram on Tuesday.

In the video, the comedian could be heard saying, “It’s brand new, we just got a car replacement you know, the accident that happened. All thanks to Alliance Insurance with the help of auto check.”

Sabinus was involved in an accident in Lagos on September 10.

Videos of the damaged car were uploaded on Instagram the next day. In the video, an unhappy Sabinus could be seen explaining the incident to those around him.

The comedian took to his Instagram live some minutes after the incident to assure his fans that he was safe and well.

Sabinus said, “For the people calling, I am receiving messages, I am okay. Don’t be afraid. The only thing I keep saying is people should avoid drinking before driving. It is the first time I will be seeing a car driving in one lane, and another car in another lane drive into the other lane and scatter the motor.

“We thank God. We thank God for life first. So Sabinus, I am safe, nothing happened to me. I am okay. Don’t be afraid. Who dies are those with bad hands those whose hands are not clean. We thank God.”

A few hours before the crash, some media reports claimed the 27-year-old got engaged to his girlfriend in a private ceremony in Era-Ojo area of Lagos State.