Skit maker Bae U faces backlash over sex-for-role allegation

Skit maker Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi aka Bae U has come under fire for allegedly demanding sex from ladies to feature them in movie roles.

Bae U, also known as Isbae U, on Sunday became a trending topic on social media after Instagram blogger Gist Lovers posted screenshots of conversations alleged to be that of the skit maker and ladies who claimed he wanted to have sex with them.

Nigerians took to Twitter to call out the skit maker asking him to clear the air in the allegations.

Reacting, @DAMIADENUGA wrote: “Bae U has been accused of inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour, he was accused of asking a woman to sleep with him before allowing her feature in his comedy skit.”

@__izuchukwu asked: So bae u asks for sex in exchange for a role (haven’t seen any instances of rape) All these girls had two options: 1. Kindly refuse, 2. 2. Accept the terms, 3. Most of them accepted and now they’re blaming him for what exactly?”

@drpenking said: “Imagine how Bae U girlfriend will feel about realizing that she is dating a video call preeq after probably boasting to all her friends that she got the best guy in the world, popular and all. May we not date somebody that will turn us into a National embarrassment.”

“Very useless man, this is how they go about sleeping with girls all in the name of movie roles,” @Amara_45 wrote.

“This one cup din finally full. Are we going to pretend like he’s the only one. This mess has to stop seriously. Celebrities always thinking they can get away with anything,” @Mma45 wrote.

“They said Bae U lures girls into having sex with him before featuring them in his skits and also sends his dick to them, sigh,” @Otunba wrote.

“I bin wan upload this video call oo. But for the love of subday, I’ll upload it tomorrow.. Bae U fall My hand small sha,” @Twittervar wrote.

“I am about to commit suicide after hearing about bae u escapades with girls online , and my girlfriend has been acting with him,” @cuteklassiq wrote.

“People fit go dey rewatch Bae U videos to see the girls he don featured so dem fit recognise them they will be like: hmmm! Bae U don chop this one like that,” @Earnest wrote.

“Imagine having sex with Bae U to get a feature on his skit only for the skit to drop and it gets only 25 comments,” @Victorisrael wrote.

Checks by across his social media platforms shows that Bae U yet to respond to the allegations or comment on the matter as at time of report.