Six times 2face’s manager called Blackface ‘loser’ in press statement

Blackface Naija

2face Idibia’s manager, Efe Omoregbe, on Wednesday released a statement addressing allegations of copyright theft by his client’s former band mate, Blackface.

The entertainment executive revealed that Blackface always received his fair royalty and accreditation from his recorded materials with 2face.

He also added that the specific song ‘Let Somebody Love You’ that Blackface claims was stolen from him could not have been because it was released two years ago.

Efe contended that “yes, Blackface contributed to the writing of the first verse of the song but the second verse was entirely 2Baba”, adding that Bridget Kelly wrote her verse and he wrote the outro verse.

The lengthy statement indirectly shaded Blackface and called him a loser.

Here are six highlights in his statement that suggests this:

  1. Blackface should be honoured to have shared co-writing credit with 2Baba.
  2. Blackface should be grateful 2Baba recorded their co-authored materials to ensure a lifetime of royalty income for him.
  3. Blackface is not in 2Baba’s league as a songwriter. Their post-Plantashun Boiz’ catalogues speak for themselves.
  4. Blackface should record and release his own version of ‘Let Somebody Love You’ and keep 100% publishing on that version. Oops! 2Baba will still be entitled to a share.
  5. Blackface should know that nobody ever secured a court judgement via a Twitter rant or media tour.
  6. Blackface must have realised by now that the unfortunate tirade has not made “Killa” a hit. At least, not at the moment.