She has so many talents, Burna Boy’s mum Bose Ogulu praises daughter Nissi

Burna Boy mum Bose Ogulu

Music manager Bose Ogulu, the mother of Grammy winner Burna Boy has praised her daughter Nissi describing her as a woman of many talents.

Bose said this at Nissi’s art exhibition which was attended her mum, friends and well wishers.

A video from the event was posted on Instagram on Sunday. Describing Nissi’s talents, Bose said: “She didn’t have to deal with people, things like that that her siblings had. She has always been different. So as an artist I think the biggest lesson has been the biggest purpose and that is she has so much that she can do.

“When you have a child that you know that this is that child’s talent, you help them build that one talent because it’s either that or else, but when you have a child that has to many talents and it’s been a learning process for me because I didn’t think it was possible but I have seen that it is I mean we have seen her animation.

“The first animation she got an award for soundtrack she got an award for the animation it’s self the painting here we are, the music we know what it’s doing and if she wasn’t busy designing cars that would have gone further.”

In an Instagram post on October 2021, Burna Boy celebrated his younger sister Nissi as one of the creators of the new Range Rover.

“My sister designed the new range, someone tell her to run me a discount code. Proud of you Nissi,” he wrote.

He also announced that he has given Nissi his Bentley following her achievement.

Born Jehovah-Nissi Ogulu, Nissi is the last child of Burna Boy’s parents Samuel and Bose Ogulu.

Their mum is Burna’s manager.

Nissi is a mechanical engineer who doubles as a songwriter.