Shan George laments halt of Instagram followers

Shan George

Actress Shan George has lamented the halt of her Instagram followers.

The 51-year-old lamented in an Instagram story on Monday.

According to her, she has had thousands of followers in the past weeks but they have not reflected on her overall.

“I’ve has thousands of followers in the past weeks, yet not reflecting on my overall, what is going on? What’s goinh on Instagram?” she wrote.

Shan George recently vented on social media over an ordeal with a friend.

In an Instagram story on Wednesday, October 29, the actress said that she is now considered an enemy by a friend because she associated with someone the friend had issues with.

“You automatically see me as your enemy, just because I interact with someone you are quarreling with, my dear na you sabi. You can’t choose for me who to interact with or not. I no be your robot, even if na you dey feed me sef, don’t feed me again you hear,” She wrote.