Seven family members found dead in Osun

Nigeria Police policemen

Police in Osun have confirmed the death of seven members of a family in Apomu, Isokan Local Government Area.

Police spokesperson Yemisi Opalola said that eight persons were found in the rooms in the house but only one was found breathing.

Opalola said poison of carbon monoxide (generator fume) is suspected to be the cause, but the autopsy result would confirm the cause of death.

She said a power generator was found in the house and a report that the generator was used by the family the previous day gave suspicion to carbon monoxide poisoning but investigation “is ongoing to know the real cause.

“Autopsy will be carried out on the remains of the victims to ascertain the real cause of their death.

“One person, a 14-year old girl, was found still alive (though unconscious) and she has been taken to the hospital where she is recuperating.

“The remains of the other dead members of the family had also been taken to Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Teaching Hospital, in Ile-Ife, where autopsy will be carried out on them to ascertain the cause of their death,” she said.

The victims were discovered by neighbours. Their bodies were reportedly taken to a private hospital in the community by sympathisers but were rejected before they were taken to the morgue at OAU Teaching Hospital.