Saraki storms tribunal with 90 lawyers

Bukola Saraki

Senate President, Bukola Saraki, on Wednesday appeared at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) with 90 lawyers for the continuation of his trial.

The prosecution team had about 10.

Saraki had in the last two sittings presented 80 lawyers.

His lead counsel, Kanu Agabi, who arrived the tribunal late the previous day, told the court on Wednesday that 90 lawyers formed the defence team.

“We are altogether 90 of us here today”, Agabi told the court shortly after the commencement of trial.

During the previous sitting, when Agabi was accompanied by 79 other lawyers, he told the tribunal that his client was well prepared for a contest by vote, between counsel, if the need arises.

“At some point, the trial should be subjected to vote, My Lord,” Agabi told the court in an effort to buttress the fact that they had a numerical strength.

But while calling for the appearance of the 90 lawyers, it was found that scores of them were not physically present in court.

This was not the case when Saraki arrived with 80 lawyers, as all of them confirmed their physical presence in court.