Sanwo-Olu meets ‘best artist in UAR’ who drew funny picture of him

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Tuesday met a man popularly known as ‘best artist in UAR’ who drew a viral picture of him.

The artist Taiwo Osinowo aka Boda Taiye Oniyakuya had days ago posted the picture on social media with a funny caption.

“I drew his excellency, Governor of Lagos State @jidesanwoolu. I thank God for the successful work. I think his excellency will love it. I still remain the best artist in UAR,” he wrote.

Mr Sanwo-Olu reacted to the picture saying, “So, it’s me you drew like this? I’m guessing you’ll like to present it to me, abi? Ok, come and present it to me in my office. Hmmmm…”

Mr Osinowo presented the picture to Sanwo-Olu at the Lagos Youth Symposium event held at the LTV Blue Roof Agidingbi, Ikeja.

Sanwo-Olu promised to pay for the drawing in appreciation, assuring that nothing would happen to Osinowo.

On Instagram, the governor also assured that Osinowo, who came for the presentation with his twin brother, was not arrested.

“I honestly can’t lay claim to the person in the frame, but I lay claim to the fact that we will continue to support and encourage our talented youths in Lagos state,” he added in the post.

Osinowo had said after the presentation that he was warned not to meet the governor because the drawing he made is a caricature.