Saheed Osupa honours Sule Sax, Pasuma’s mum at Ramadan lecture

Saheed Osupa

Fuji musician Saheed Osupa has given special honour to his late saxophonist Sule Sax and the late Adijat Kuburat, mother of another Fuji musician Pasuma, among others at a Ramadan lecture.

The King Saheed Osupa (KSO) Annual Ramadan Lecture was held on Tuesday, April 18 at the Sanyo/Soka area of Ibadan, Oyo State.

Saheed Osupa, who was the host of the lecture, had two guest lecturers who gave talks on the holy month of Ramadan.

At the lecture, attendees observed special prayers and some minutes of silence to honour the dead.

“Death is inevitable, No one can ever escape it when the time comes.

“Yesterday, during the Ramadan Lecture programme, we dedicated some minutes to offer a special prayer to our lost beloved family,” Saheed Osupa captioned the Instagram video posted on Wednesday of the moment the dead were honoured.

Those honoured include Sule Sax, Alfa Musbahudeen Ariyo Producer, Taofeek Horlak Alago, Alhaja Adijatu Kubura (Pasuma’s mother) and other prominent members of Olufimo Forum that died recently.

“May Almighty Allah forgive them of their shortcomings, and grant all of them Eternal Rest,” he added.

In another Instagram post, Saheed Osupa said the lecture was successful and the lecturers did justice to the topic.

“KSO Annual Ramadan Lecture 2023, was a success. Alhamdulilahi…

“Topic well handled and justifiably treated. Baba, May Almighty Allah bless everything that concerns you and grant you more of Istijabha,” he wrote.

Saheed Osupa announced Sule Sax’s death on April 4.

He said, “This is hard. I am saddened! The memory we shared are numerous, but no amount of words can express my grief at this period!

“Rest In Peace, Sule Sax. You shall forever be remembered for all your good deeds.”