Rushing into marriage???

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Ok, lately everyone is talking about politics. As you all probably know, I don’t talk about politics online or get involved. I stand at a distance, judge and then make my decision on who to vote for.

Now, pardon the digression, I also notice this trend of the younger generation running into marriage. When will this trend end? Even the Huffington Post recently had an article about folks rushing into marriage. I also watched a clip from Dr Phill, so it’s not strictly a Nigerian or African thing. It’s happening everywhere.

I wish to share with you the article from the Huffington Post. Enjoy and think about your decisions very well before taking that big step.

People get married every day, and some of them even for a good reason. Of course most everyone gets married because they fall in love and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Awww!  So sweet. When it works out, that is. But choosing a life partner is a big effing deal, and should be treated with care. When people race to the altar before seeing if they’re compatible for more than a few months together, they’re taking a very risky gamble.

Lots of people rush that trip down the aisle in the early stages of relationship love-haze, thinking that they have a really good reason not to wait.

If you find yourself using one of these excuses in your haste to get married as soon as possible, do yourself a favour and wait it out a bit. After all, if you’re meant to spend the rest of your lives together, what’s a few more months before the wedding date in the grand scheme of things?

1. All your friends are married 
It’s hard to feel like everyone’s leaving you behind, and the pressure to couple up can be immense. Try not to forget that you’re awesome all by your own bad self!

2. Baby makes three
It’s one thing to move up a wedding date in a long-term relationship should you find yourself unexpectedly expecting. But don’t rush into it because of the baby. Divorce is going to be harder on that kid down the road than never experiencing his parents in a romantic relationship together.

3. God-sanctioned sex
Maybe it’s your religion or culture or own self-imposed virtue, but for whatever reason, you’re waiting until marriage to do the deed. And you’re sick of waiting. True love waits … you should too.

4. It’s cheaper
You don’t want to live together before you’re married, but sharing expenses is a heck of a lot cheaper. My advice is to get a roommate until you’re really sure you want a permanent roommate.

5. Your bio clock is ticking
With medical advances, women are able to successfully have kids much later in life than previous generations. And you can always adopt.

6. He threatens to leave
If he’s pressuring you to get married quickly, it might be because he wants to lock you down before you get to know him very well. If he threatens to break up with you if you don’t marry him soon, then consider yourself spared.

7. Get married or get deported
You are done fell in love with a foreigner, and his visa is expiring soon. Unless you tie the knot, he’s going to get deported. Guess what? If it’s meant to be, your relationship will survive the time and space.

Do you think it’s ever a good idea to rush into marriage?