Runtown’s son injured in accident

Selena Leath, mother of singer Runtown’s son, has announced that their son suffered an eye injury due to an accident.

Selena made this known in an Instagram post on Tuesday, July 19 where she shared a photo of the boy whose face was bruised and his right eye swollen.

According to Selena, the injury happened due to a fall the boy had and he was rushed to the ER for treatment.

Reacting to the injury her son sustained, Selena wrote: “My poor baby can’t see. Smh.”

Speaking further, she wrote: “WE waited 4 hours in ER for them to mess up and glue his eye shut instead of the cut.”

Moments later, the US-based lady took to Instagram again to accuse bloggers of misinterpreting her words after some blogs reported that the boy was partially blind.

She wrote: “Lol so what Naija blog is talking shit because all of a sudden I have a bunch of views from yesterday’s story post.”

In another post, she wrote: “You guys are so annoying. What y’all not gonna do is make up a story! My son was running, slipped and fell.”