Ronke Odusanya debunks rumour she’s trying to wreck baby daddy

Nollywood actress Ronke Odusanya

Nollywood actress Ronke Odusanya has debunked the rumour that she is trying to wreck her baby daddy Olanrewaju Saheed popularly known as Jago.

On Sunday a blog said the actress had taken her baby daddy to court over the custody of their daughter.

“Ronke requested for millions of Naira from her baby daddy and told him that she is a celebrity and she must celebrate the birthday in a very big way, the guy had to sell one of his cars worth 12m for 4m and gave Ronke the 4m of which Ronke didn’t end up celebrating any birthday,” the blog read.

The blog also said that Ronke had asked Jago to sell his house worth 90 million.

“Real trouble however started when Ronke advised Jago to sell his house worth 90million of which the guy was ready to heed him but the documents of the house is with the guys mother,the mother refused to release the document saying Jago already sold all his properties including lands and this is the last property,” it read.

The 47-year-old reacting to the report said she will be calm because the truth always reveals itself on Tuesday in an Instagram post.

“While my silence may be taken for cowardice, I will be calm because the truth always reveals itself. I can defend myself but I won’t want my daughter to grow up reading such irritating fact less information.

“Bank statements can reveal who has been receiving money from who and for what? Investigate before publishing,” she wrote.

Ronke and Jajo welcomed their daughter in 2019.