Rita Edochie celebrates Yul Edochie’s first wife on birthday

Rita Edochie

Actress Rita Edochie has celebrated Yul Edochie’s first wife May on the latter’s birthday.

The actress complied photos of May which she posted on Instagram on Friday with a goodwill message.

She wrote: “My great people in the world, please join me and celebrate my great daughter May Yul Edochie because today is her birthday. Happy birthday May my darling daughter. I wish you every good thing in life. You wish yourself. Celebrate yourself like never before because many could not celebrate theirs.”

Rita was one of those who publicly reacted to Yul Edochie’s marriage to his second wife Judy Austin.

The actress stormed the comment section of Yul Edochie’s Instagram post in April to react after the actor posted photos of his first wife May to reassure the latter of her ‘number one’ position in his life despite marrying a new wife.

“NUMBER ONE. @mayyuledochieUndisputed,” he wrote to May.

Reacting to this, Yul Eodchie’s uncle’s wife, Rita, addressed him by the Igbo title, “Ugezu”, leaving many to wonder what the comment implies.

Yul and Judy made headlines in April after the former announced his marriage to Judy. The actor also revealed they already have a son together.

Reacting in the comment section of the post, his first wife May wrote to the actor and Judy saying, “May God judge you both.”