Rita Dominic mourns Desmond Tutu

Rita Dominic

Actress Rita Dominic has mourned Nobel Peace Prize winner and the first black archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa Desmond Tutu who died at age 90.

The actress shared a photo of the man describing him an “icon of hope and justice”.

“The great Bishop Desmond Tutu. An icon of hope and justice is gone. May your soul rest in peace,” she wrote.

A statement released by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday confirmed Tutu’s passing.

“A man of extraordinary intellect, integrity and invincibility against the forces of apartheid, he was also tender and vulnerable in his compassion for those who had suffered oppression, injustice and violence under apartheid, and oppressed and downtrodden people around the world,” Ramaphosa said.

Tutu received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his efforts to end apartheid, and was the last surviving South African Nobel laureate. He played a key role in South Africa’s transition from the apartheid era, including serving as chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission at the direction of then-President Nelson Mandela.