Reno Omokri clashes with Toyin Saraki on Twitter

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a former aide of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has clashed with the wife of former Senate President, Toyin Saraki.

Mr Omokri had in a tweet compared Queen Elizabeth with Mrs Saraki with a picture of the queen holding her umbrella and handbag herself, while Saraki’s umbrella and bag are held by aides.


“Very few photos speak of the sad state of Nigeria as this picture. This is Queen Elizabeth. She was born great. She demonstrates her greatness by what she is willing to do for herself at 93 while a lowly official 1/3 her age is unwilling to do it,” he wrote in the tweet which has now been deleted.

Saraki replied on Saturday saying Omokri went out of context in his criticism.

“Indeed Mr Omokri, your misadventure speaks more to the state of your mind and mischief, that you would juxtapose my picture approaching an airport receiving line with that of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on a walkabout at the races,” she began.

“A few #facts – I have never desired, sought nor solicited any public office, whether high or lowly. While I am indeed 55, over half the age of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, it is improbable, in the Nigeria of today, that any woman may ascend to the throne of my royal ancestors.

“Since the time of your erstwhile appointed and remunerated perambulation as spokesman to Former President @GEJonathan, surely you must have observed, in person or virtually, the practicalities of principals requiring at least one hand free to engage with welcoming delegations.

“While you may not personally subscribe to the historic spirit of chivalry which Sir Walter Raleigh extended to Queen Elizabeth I, hopefully, chivalry is not completely dead in our gender challenged yet beloved nation.”


Omokri, in another tweet, apologised, saying he did not know she was the woman in the picture.

“Dear Mrs @ToyinSaraki, I did not know that was you in the picture. Indeed, I know your character is not like that. If I had known it was you, I would have investigated further. You are an epitome of a well brought up lady and I crave your forgiveness,” he wrote.