Religion shouldn’t be a factor in who becomes Lagos governor

By Sola Salako

Sola SalakoI just received a broadcast advocating for a Christian Governor for Lagos State.

Please let’s change the conversation from religion to competence.

A bad leader is a bad leader whether he is Muslim, Christian or an atheist. How has a Christian President improved our lives? Who remembers if Governor (Babatunde) Fashola is Muslim, Christian or Traditionalist?

All we should be concerned about is that political parties should field candidates with vision, compassion and capacity to bring development and prosperity to our State. We can never make progress with these primordial sentiments.

I am a full Lagos indigene by blood, birth, pedigree and choice and I am a born again, spirit filled and heaven bound Christian but I don’t give a hoot about the professed religion of my next governor!

I am more concerned about what is in his heart and the vision he has for my state. Help me broadcast this too!

  • Salako is CEO, Purrples Consult Limited