Regina Daniels takes down statement on fight with Jaruma

Regina Daniels

Actress, Regina Daniels, has taken down the post she made, explaining the reason for her strained relationship with self-acclaimed sex therapist Jaruma.’s check on the actress’ Instagram page shows that the post has been removed.

The 21-year-old had on Thursday accused Jaruma of attempting to fake her suicide for publicity.

Regina also said that contrary to Jaruma’s claims, she delivered on their business agreement and only refused to do things that would have misled the public.

Sharing screenshots of their conversations she wrote: “One last closure. I’m writing this because I feel y’all deserve an explanation for the general misrepresentation going around me being paid for a job and was not able to deliver. The fact is that I delivered on the job based on our various discussions. She was to provide content and I was simply to post on my page.

“She sent me a draft agreement which I declined to sign because I found some of the terms deceitful but she insisted we proceed on my own terms. Miss jaruma also came up with different content ideas that were not acceptable to me because they would have been deceitful to me and the public. Such as: She wanted a post saying my husband got me the Jaruma chocolates and I clearly said to her to leave my husband out of our discussions.

“She said she will present me with a cow gift. I was to make videos thanking her, and afterward return the cow. I was suspicious of the motive and I declined. She wanted to gift me with her outfits and accessories for a video afterward, to return the items. Again I declined. She suggested having a failed suicide attempt because I would run to her rescue again it was unacceptable to me.

“Our original discussion was to post her adverts for her chocolate brand on my Instagram page. Along the line, she wanted me to personally appear in the content on an entirely different product of hers which is her waist bead We both considered it sufficient for the payment made.”