Regina Chukwu won’t let me dance with my husband in peace – Mide Martins

Mide Martins

Nollywood actress Mide Martins on Friday joked about colleague Regina Chukwu not letting her dance with husband Afeez Owo in peace.

The 42-year-old old made the comment in the caption of a video recorded at the wedding of fellow actress Abiola Adebayo the day before.

Regina is seen in the video dancing with the happy couple, with Mide teasing that she would leave Afeez for her.

“She will not allow me to dance with my husband in peace!!! Surutu Girl

“Last night was really fun at our darling @biolabayo1 wedding ceremony,” Mide captioned the video.

Mide and Afeez were not the only one Regina had fun with at the wedding.

The 40-year-old also shared a picture of herself and actor Adeniyi Johnson puckering up for a kiss.

Regina, an amiable mother of two, described the wedding as movie and promised to flood her Instagram page with pictures and videos from the event.

“I am the type that is always happy with people. When good things are happening around me I believe it’s a sign that God is in the neighbourhood. I danced and had massive fun that yesterday,” she said in the caption of a video she shared of the couple dancing.