Regina Askia knocks Facebook user over comment about marriage

Regina Askia

Family nurse, Regina Askia, has slammed a Facebook user who criticised her for opening up about the challenges in her marriage during a chat with her son, Rudolph Junior.

The 53-year-old reacted to the comment made by the user, Laura Anthony Micheal, in a post she shared on Instagram on Wednesday.

Laura had written, “You went on air to talk about your marriage and the crisis that rocked it? All for the gram? At your age? Shame on you…”

Regina replied, “Please learn a thing or two from an honest conversation with my son… If you are in a violent relationship, get help, heal and repair your relationship… We did just that and we along with our kids are doing well 19 years and counting…”

The former beauty shared the interview in question on Instagram on Saturday.

In it she talks to Rudolph Junior, who is her second child with her husband, Rudolph Williams, about how she managed to work through a rough patch in her marriage to his father.

It was a very difficult time in our relationship… And we had lots of fights and quarrels… It will take a long time to forgive and forget and we kind of separated. But even through our separation, Your father was always coming over, always there,” she told him.

Regina and her husband celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary on Sunday.