Recession: Even Jesus can’t save us at this rate – Ali Baba

Ali Baba Alibaba

Nigerian comedian and undisguised critic of former President Goodluck Jonathan, Ali Baba, has come down hard on Nigerians who call on Jesus but do little to better the country’s fortunes.

In a series of posts on Instagram on Monday, the entertainer compared the crude oil in Nigeria to the talents Jesus spoke about in one of his parables in the Bible.

But while countries like Dubai and America invested in infrastructure to cushion the effects of the crisis in the global oil industry, Nigeria did not prepare for the slump.

Taking a swipe particularly at professed Christians, Ali Baba lamented that “Counties that are not as blessed as we are are doing more for their people, & some idiots are hiding behind religious jingoism to fool everyone.”

Need to quickly address this issue before some ignorant people jump on it. EVEN JESUS CAN NOT SAVE US AT THIS RATE. Now go call police. But before you have my head for breakfast, lunch or dinner, whichever you can afford in these times, John 2:1-11 talked about Jesus turning water to wine… When the people realized that the wine was finished (recession) they went to ask what could be done (consultation) and the mother said go do whatever he tells you to do (Obedience). They went back to him and he asked them to fill the empty jars (potentials) with water (equity contribution) and told them to now fetch out of it (productivity) and the people testified to how there was no wine like it in the land. What this story teaches is that God will bless the work of our hands. You must do something to benefit from his grace. If you don’t, you can pray 300 times a day, Matthew 7:21 says not all who call my name will I answer. You commit all the atrocities and you are still asking for miracles. That crude oil was God’s miracle to us. We were supposed to serve it to other countries. Let’s even take it a step further, the parable of the talents Luke 19:20 something, I can not say now, talked about how The Master had given everyone talents and we were now supposed to multiply them. What did we do with the ones he gave us? What did America do with theirs? What did Dubai do with theirs? Let’s even leave that, God promised to bless the work of our hands!!!! He did not promise to put work in our hands! God will bless the work you put in your farm with a bountiful harvest. He is not going to come farm the land for you. And as it seems, that is exactly what we are praying for. And he has told us in many ways than one that we must be up and doing. What did Jesus say to the fig tree in Luke 13:6? The unproductive tree will be cursed, because to whom much is given much will be expected. Counties that are not as blessed as we are, are doing more for their people, & some idiots are hiding behind religious jingoism to fool everyone. Go to the feeding of the multitude in the New Testament, Jesus multiplied what was brought before him. What have we brought forward? We only know how to take

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That was DUBAI in 1999 and in 2008… No need to spoil your evening with the picture of 2016… And all they had was oil. They did not even have a culture like us. They did not have land. They reclaimed from the sea. They did not have limestones, bitumen, granite, steel, rubber and so on. They did not even have people. They invited people to come build it. We had more than oil. They had only oil and the desert. They are not Christians. They don’t have TOTAL EXPERIENCE, HOLY GHOST SERVICE, SHALOM, EXPERIENCE 4.0…. Naddddaaaa! We dey here dey fool ourselves. Even the people saying I should not have said Jesus can’t save Nigeria now, go see their pages. They post nudity and use profanity some worship in churches where the pastor drives a bullet proof RANGE ROVER, yet you have members of the congregation that can not afford jamb forms or pay school fees! Na curse I go dey curse all of una like Jesus curse the fig tree. Awon alayi ni nkon Shey be calling Jesus’ name in vain! Taaaaaaaaarh!!

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DUBAI leaders get 2 heads?

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