Reactions as DJ Cuppy shares kiss with dog

Disk Jockey DJ Cuppy

Nigerians have reacted to a video of disc jockey Florence Otedola popularly known as DJ Cuppy sharing a kiss with her dog for being a ‘bad mother’.

Cuppy shared a video of her kissing her dog on Instagram on Thursday, apologising for being a bad mother to the puppy.

“Not me trying to compensate for being a bad mother, I’m going out without my baby ( kisses puppy) I love you, sorry I left you at home,” she said.

Reacting to the video in the comment section of the post, an Instagram user 30billion goals wrote: “Someone son will that mouth? Thank god, not dating pet lovers.”

Greeneiwobi wrote: “What is this nonsense. Hope the dog won’t be washing plate too.”

“This is so unhygienic, animals carry a lot of diseases, perhaps this is how we got the Covid Pandemic,” Bihazzle wrote.

Which kind madness be this bikonu? As you no wan respect yourself, respect your father na,” Universal wrote.

“Dogs and other animals can live with certain bacteria without them even feeling it, e.g salmonella. A dangerous bacteria such as salmonella can kill any human if not properly managed. Now I’m wondering why on earth a sane person will tongue to tongue a dog, but yh, she’s rich,” Godrick wrote.

“Now you know why they are buying puppies. ? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Stay away from any girl that had a puppy because you are definitely gonna eat from the same pot with the dog,” Mazi Ohameze wrote.

No wonder she no ge boy friend, na 3some she dey do with dog,” Mayamesi wrote.

“I wonder how dirty you would have been if your Father is not rich,” Wale wrote.

“This is disgusting,” Abel wrote.