BBNaija: Reactions as Angel shows private part to housemates

Angel BBN Big Brother Naija

Fans of Big Brother Naija have expressed their views over Angel’s reveal of her private part to fellow housemates Queen and Whitemoney.

The 21-year-old raised her clothes to reveal her private part to the housemates on Monday.

While Queen cautioned her, Whitemoney called her a ‘marketer’.

Following this display by Angel, fans expressed their delight and disappointment on Twitter.

“I just logged in to see Angel’s vagina everywhere. I just have to ask, is Angel okay? I understand that she doesn’t wear a bra because she is comfortable in her skin, but what explanation do you give for her showing the world her private part? How do you defend that act?” Lytskinnedgirl wrote.

“We keep preaching body positivity and owning your stuff but when someone actually does it, it becomes an issue,” Akande wrote.

“Let Angel be, she hasn’t done anything those before her didn’t do,” Loveth wrote.

”The crazy thing about Angel’s fans is that, majority of them massively attacked Nengi and Erica last season! Including slut-shaming them! But this season, the same actions have been termed ‘real her’ and content. The hypocrisy stinks,” Teshapo5 wrote.

“So angel fans want to drag Whitemoney. Una no reach oo, we go sink una. She has actually done enough and I don’t think she is there for the game again, to sell her market. Yes I said it. So Whitemoney isn’t wrong. He said it to her face,” Koka wrote.

Some of her fans also attacked Whitemoney for his ‘marketer’ comment.

“Whitemoney is just mad, the other day he said Angel is exposed for her age, now this, i no like the guy again,” Sochi wrote.

“Whitemoney that is body-shaming someone, if he had the chance, he will do worse, busy body,” Clout Chaser wrote.

Why Whitemoney no commot eye when him see kepus?” Naijagod wrote.