We ‘raped’ Kate Henshaw, Simi, others, group confesses

Kate Henshaw Nollywood actress

A group, 7even Interactive, has disclosed that it created a phony campaign to “rape” Nigerian celebrities as a way of drawing attention to sexual violence.

The group stirred controversy when it used the images of actress, Kate Henshaw; singers, Simi and Praiz; writer, Toni Kan, and painter, and poet, Efe Paul Azino, to promote a phantom Frixion Vodka on social media.

Kate and Toni claimed their images were used without consent and threatened to take legal action.

It has now been revealed that the whole campaign was a hoax and the celebrities are ambassadors for the anti-rape campaign.

The group even added gloss to its unusual campaign by issuing a “letter of apology” to Kate, Simi, Praiz, Toni and Efe.

It reads: “We have used your name, image and social cred without your consent and for this we apologise. Our violation has taken an emotionally, psychological and physical toll on you, and you have every right to be angry. We appreciate the fact that you did not give this assault the silent treatment; you voiced your outrage and asked that justice be served.

“The Frixion brand is a phantom brand created to shine the light on a grave social evil that we are lending our voice against – RAPE.  Our objective is to create awareness as well as recruit supporters for this fight against RAPE by publicly demonstrating RAPE on a platform where we can reach millions of Nigerians at once.

“By using your social cred without your consent, we “socially RAPEd” you and got the public to voice their distaste. We hope that these individuals can be converted as supporters for the fight against RAPE.

“We apologise for any inconvenience that our antics have caused you. We hope that you understand that we appreciate and respect your social cred, which is why we chose to use you to further our goals. Again, we apologise for any trouble we have caused you.

“We however have one favour to ask you: please support the cause by posting this mail on your social media platform and encourage your followers to support the cause.

“Together, we can inspire Nigerians to say NO to RAPE, and #YesToConsent.”

Kate Henshaw and Toni Kan did not immediately respond to Qed.ng for confirmation of knowledge about the campaign.