Rape tweet: Toyosi to be arraigned for giving false info — Police

Twitter user Omotoyosi

Lagos-based woman Toyosi Adesegun who raised a false alarm on Thursday that she was being kidnapped and raped will be arraigned for giving false information, police have said.

The 20-year-old tweeted a location in Akoka area of Lagos where she claimed she was kidnapped and being raped. She later deleted the tweet and apologised after the matter escalated.

According to Lagos police spokesperson David Hundeyin, Ms Adesegun made the false tweet after she was restrained from leaving the location by some men.

Quoting Hundeyin, Jubril Gawat, a social media aide to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu tweeted on Thursday night, “After a careful and extensive investigation, it is revealed that 20-year-old Toyosi Adesegun, female, is a regular visitor to Olamilekan Faruk, Ayanfe Ayinde and Olusola Onipede, all male of 78 Obayan Street Akoka.

“This morning, she was restrained from leaving the apartment by the young men. Toyosi threatened to tweet what she tweeted if she was not allowed to leave. The young men called her bluff and she tweeted.

“Based on the foregoing, the three men will be arraigned for wrongful restraint, while Toyosi will be arraigned for giving false information.”

Adesegun received knocks for her tweet following vile comments that a medical doctor Chinelo Megafu received when she tweeted earlier this month that she was shot while on a train from Abuja to Kaduna.

Many chided Megafu, saying she was clout-chasing with the tweet.